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3 Scan Package - €350 (Saves you €60) 

This Package covers your entire pregnancy to give you continuous care and peace of mind, Providing you with all essential information throughout your pregnancy.



Best practice for a good outcome of pregnancy must involve 3 ultrasound scans, one for each trimester, providing vital information significant to each development stage of the fetus. 

1) The Dating Scan

This scan is performed in the first trimester

  • To confirm that a pregnancy exists

  • To exclude an ectopic pregnancy

  • To confirm viability, that is observing a fetal heart beat

  • To determine the age of the fetus using the crown rump length measurement, which is more accurate than the menstrual history up to 12 weeks gestational age

  • After 10 weeks we check for a normally developed skull, a normal abdominal wall, upper and lower limbs and nuchal translucency thickening

2) The Anatomy & Growth Scan

This scan is performed in the second trimester between 20 and 24 weeks

We check

  • Intra-cranial anatomy

  • Face

  • Chest & Cardiac anatomy

  • Diaphragm, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Bladder, Abdominal wall and bowel

  • Spine

  • Upper & Lower extremities, Feet & Hands 

  • Detailed Measurements to establish Growth

  • Umbillical cord - to confirm three vessels

  • Amniotic Fluid Volume 

  • Placental Position & Appearance 

3) 3D/4D Growth & Wellbeing scan

This scan is performed in the 3rd trimester 

  • To Re-evaluate certain fetal anatomy such as kidneys, cerebral ventricles, cardiac anatomy, diaphragm and fetal bowel

  • To establish a fetal growth profile

  • To observe fetal breathing and movement

  • Doppler of the umbillical cord is used to confirm normal resistance

  • To measure amniotic fluid volume 

  • To evaluate the placenta 

  • To determine the presenting fetal part 

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