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General Radiology Scans at Market Point Mullingar and College Medical LONGFORD.

To request an Ultrasound, Please fax a referral letter to 044 930 1540 or HEALTHMAIL

Our scans are reported by an Irish Consultant Radiologist and we will have a report faxed to you within 48 hours of the patient's scan. In the case of an urgent referral, we will scan the patient asap and you will have a radiologist's report the same day.  Call Sheila for more information on 086 778 3353


We have a standardised referral form for your convenience, you can download and print or EMAIL  this referral below

We provide the following Scans:

  1. Ultrasound Thyroid 

  2. Ultrasound Testes

  3. Ultrasound soft Tissue Mass

  4. Ultrasound Pelvis (Female) Uterus & Ovaries

  5. TV Pelvic Scan, Follicle Tracking Study

  6. Ultrasound Pelvis (Male) Bladder, Prostate & Kidneys

  7. Ultrasound Abdomen

  8. Ultrasound Aorta

  9. Ultrasound Lower Limb Deep Veins, Rule out DVT 

  10. Carotid Duplex 


Carotid Duplex Ultrasound 

This scan is done to assess the blood flow through the Carotid arteries in the neck which supply the brain. The Vertebral arteries are also examined. Reasons to have this scan are to look for plaques that narrow or block the vessels causing blood flow disturbances. Symptoms may include dizziness, momentary blindness in one eye, headache or TIA (mini stroke).

Our scans are reviewed by Professor Michael Lee, Consultant Radiologist.

These scans cost €180.


Pregnancy Scans

For your pregnant patients, we also offer a full range of pregnancy scans. 

  • If you are concerned of a possible ectopic, we will perform a TV scan which will establish the location of the pregnancy. 

  • It is important to establish correct gestational age before 12 weeks so that accurate growth profiling may be carried out during each trimester of the pregnancy. The crown-rump length is the most accurate determination of gestational age and this measurement is carried out during our Dating scan. The FHR is also measured at this scan. 

  • From 20 - 24 weeks pregnant, we perform the detailed anomaly scan. This is the gold standard second trimester evaluation of gross fetal anatomy and growth profile. Major growth issues such as IUGR are picked up at this scan. Serious conditions such as placenta previa are also determined at this stage. You will receive a detailed medical report. It is our policy to speak to you directly by telephone in the case of findings that require urgent attention.  

  • The 3rd Trimester ultrasound scan is a chance to further review the gross fetal anatomy, establish an estimated fetal weight and assess the fetal environment & fetal activity (Biophysical Profile)

  • If there is any question of the baby's position ie. possible breech, we will scan the patient and determine the baby's lie. 

Call Sheila on 086 778 3353 for an appointment 


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