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3D/4D 3rd Trimester Fetal Growth & Wellbeing Scan - €150


The Best time to have a 3D/4D scan is from 28 weeks pregnant, this scan allows us to assess the growth and well being of your baby. We estimate the fetal weight and take all growth measurements. We observe your baby's movements, prescence of fetal breathing and general fetal tone. The fetal environment of placenta, amniotic fluid volume and cord are documented, the position of the baby is noted. A 3D picture when possible, is a nice end to this scan. 

Fetal Gender is available on request but is not 100 % accurate all of the time so do not shop for clothing and furnishings as you will not be compensated by SCANMe LTD if the gender is incorrect.

What you take home: 
  • Ultrasound Report 

  • 3D Black & White Glossy Pictures 

  • Digital 4D video clips and 3D pictures emailed to you (Where possible; if baby is posing!)

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