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Anatomy & Growth Scan (Anomaly)​ - €160


Performed between 20 - 24 weeks pregnant, this is our most detailed medical scan. 


At 20 weeks pregnant, the fetus is the ideal size to evaluate the anatomy. We measure the head, body circumference and femur length to assess growth. We check the brain, spine, heart, diaphragm, abdomen, stomach, kidneys, bladder, upper & lower limbs. The position of the placenta and volume of amniotic fluid is noted. While this is a thorough scan, there are limits to ultrasound and no scan can diagnose 100% of possible defects. Although this scan may pick up soft markers that raise your risk of chromosomal abnormalities, we are unable to detect syndromes such as Trisomy 21 etc. No ultrasound scan can rule out Chromosomal Abnormalities completely. 

Fetal Gender is available on request and gender information is not 100% accurate all the time so do not spend money on clothes and furnishings as you will not be compensated by SCANME Ltd in the event of incorrect gender information.

What you take home: 
  • Detailed Ultrasound Report

  • 3D Black & White Glossy Picture

  • Digital pictures and 4D Mini Video Clip emailed to you (Where possible; if baby is posing!) 

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